Fun Things To Do In Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg... The sixth biggest city in Canada at the junction of two major rivers and located in almost the exact center of North America. This beautiful, technologically booming city is the home of many, and is visited year round by tourists who would love to experience its wonders and luxury. With its rich history and [...]

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How Our Off Grid Power Systems Can Save You Money And Time

Lets face it, the world is changing. From the ozone layer depleting to the world getting hotter and all the bad things happening to our environment, we need to take a minute and reassess our impact on our one and only planet Earth. With the way the world is now, we could easily make the [...]

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Buy Your Solar Grid Ties From Winnipeg Solar Professionals!

The environment is changing, fast. The world is getting warmer, and our environmental impact is growing to astronomical levels. With how heavy our carbon footprint is becoming, it is proving deadly to animals, plants, and humans alike, and it is obvious to all that we need to be conscious of our effect on the Earth [...]

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How The Weather In Winnipeg, Manitoba Is Perfect For Solar Panels

Green energy is the way of the future, and solar panels are one of the best ways to go about harvesting good, clean energy. No matter where you live or what you do, applying and setting up solar panels can be an easy and useful way to lessen your cost of energy and your impact [...]

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Things You Should Know

Solar Panels for Home Use: Things You Should Know Using sustainable energy sources such as installing solar panels for home use such as those installed by Powertec Solar have been encouraged over the years by many environmental advocates, given the long-term electric cost of solar panels for residential homes is considered less expensive than other [...]

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Winnipeg Nightlife: The Hottest Winnipeg Dance Clubs

Winnipeg, Manitoba never falls short when it comes to fun and boisterous partying and nightlife with the many Winnipeg dance clubs. These Winnipeg dance clubs are predominantly visited by youth, local singles and even many nightlife-loving tourists. While you have countless options to choose from and hop from one of the numerous Winnipeg dance clubs [...]

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The Benefits of Installing Off-Grid System

Why Hire Professionals to Install Your Home Off-Grid System When you finally decide on going solar with the power supply in your Winnipeg home, particularly if you prefer the off-grid system, it can always be tempting to perform DIY installation, as is the case with any other home improvements or modifications. The commonplace reason for [...]

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The Types of Winnipeg Garden Solar Lights and How They Work

Winnipeg garden solar lights are outdoor lighting that works by being powered by a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The PV effect is a method wherein energies through solar cells are generated from the natural source which is sunlight. How Solar Energies Through Solar Cells Power the Winnipeg Garden Solar Lights A solar cell enables the [...]

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Why Install Solar Panels for Your Home

Save energy and save money on monthly bills by installing solar panels for your home. Using green energy, solar panel systems have now slowly become more and more popular, and more residential homes have now been installing them to power their appliances and the entire house. Because solar panels work so efficiently make them highly [...]

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Solar Energy Program in Manitoba Makes Waves Amongst Residents

Considered to be a great initiative in Manitoba in order to stabilize electricity costs for the region’s residents, the solar energy program in Manitoba intends to convert the area into a place where most households will utilize renewable energy particularly solar power as their main source of electricity. A “solar Manitoba” is the ultimate goal [...]

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