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How to Install Your Own Off Grid System

Why Opt for an Off Grid System and How It Works Are you one of those homeowners who wish to go solar with their power supply? Are you particularly setting your eye on an off grid solar-powered system? Let us take a glimpse at how this system in a household works, and what is in it [...]

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How Winnipeg History Shaped The City That It Is, Today

One of the first settlements in North America was established in the central part of Canada. The convenience of such a location serves as a "gateway" to various areas in North America, and one city in particular, has been associated with the moniker "The Forks", because of the network of rivers that surround the area. [...]

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Why Pick Grid Tie System for Your Solar-Powered Electricity

Are you considering having solar panels installed to provide a green power system for your home? Here are the advantages of choosing a grid tie system. Basically, this is a solar power system that is linked or tied to the electrical grid. Grid Tie System Is Cost-Efficient Choosing on-grid connection means fewer expenses on your [...]

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All About Winnipeg Climate and Geography

The City of Winnipeg is a top travel destination choice because of its beautiful landscape and stunning views. It is also favored due to it's secure transportation, lively cultural festivals, and sunny, warm climate. These things make it one of the best places to enjoy and explore the outdoors. Cradled by lakes and prairie lands, [...]

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4 Ways to Get Affordable Solar Power for Your Home

Harnessing the power of the sun isn’t free nor cheap to begin with. A standard solar power installation can easily cost you a thousand dollars. However, that is if you don’t have a few money-saving tricks up your sleeve. In this article, you will learn tricks and tips on getting affordable panels for your home [...]

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Why is solar a sound investment in Winnipeg?

The growth and popularity of solar power over the years has been phenomenal. Solar power just like any other emerging technology has faced various levels of skepticism. Nonetheless, it is proving to be a reliable and sustainable source of energy across the globe. There increased faith in the solar technology has seen billions of dollars’ [...]

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How suitable is solar power for my home?

Switching to solar power seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? Harnessing the abundant energy of the sun must have numerous benefits. It can significantly cut your energy bills, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contribute immensely to environmental protection. Nonetheless, before you switch your home to solar power there are few things you need to put [...]

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Everything about switching to Solar Power in Winnipeg

Solar power is still a new concept and most homeowners have no experience of owning the system. However, by carrying out some research homeowners can learn more about installing solar power. Here is everything Winnipeg residents need to be aware of before switching to solar: Electricity Rates The power companies normally calculate electricity rates based [...]

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