Solar Storage Solutions

Solar energy is an incredible resource; so long as we have the sun, we have a viable source of energy that doesn’t pollute the atmosphere. Those advantages - the almost infinite energy source, the non-contribution to climate change - makes solar incredibly attractive to green-minded investors who want to ween the world off of fossil [...]

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The German Energy Revolution

There’s a revolution happening in Germany; it’s both social and technological, and massive in scale. Revolutions bring upheaval, change in our ways of living and experiencing the world; they can birth democracy, or be the death of it. Germany’s revolution is unlike any other, because it doesn’t concern itself with immediate, gratifying change; it is [...]

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How Solar Panels Work

  The solar power industry continues to grow in 2018, as new technologies make panels less expensive and more efficient; emerging markets are beginning to see the advantages of green energy. Solar energy is being generated more efficiently, but what causes the increase in capacity per panel is a mystery to your average consumer; it’s [...]

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A Solar-Powered Future

We as a society are beginning to confront the epic challenges presented by global warming. The number of droughts and wildfires has increased, and we are seeing the consequences of excessive fossil fuel burning; it’s not all doom and gloom, however. Solar power, once a heavily subsidized, not-so profitable industry, is taking over. Solar is [...]

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What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

In Canada both utilities and homeowners are selecting solar energy at a quicker rate now than ever before. The explosive increase of solar power is partially a result of the declining price of solar panels. Incentives and rebates also have contributed to the Canada’s largest year ever for solar. However, reducing prices are only one [...]

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How Solar Energy Helps You Save Money

You’ve probably already heard the rumors that solar energy can help you save more money. It seems almost too good to be true that the sun could help you trade in your electric bill for good. How can something so simple have such a great benefit for your bottom line? The good news is that [...]

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Is Solar Energy the Future?

More homeowners than ever before are tapping into the tremendous resource of solar energy. In some parts of the country, the number of homes that are installing rooftop solar panels is breaking records year after year. The cost is decreasing on this technology which only increases the popularity of solar energy. With all of this [...]

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What Are The Uses of Solar Panels

Interesting Fact of the Day: The sun gives out power in one hour enough to provide energy to the whole planet for one year. So the power is there for us to use, it’s time to take advantage of this. If you live in an area where there is sunlight more than half the year, [...]

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Solar Cells: How Do They Generate Electricity?

Have you asked yourself on why energy companies spend billions of dollars drilling fossil fuels or shoveling coals, when there are renewable energies that can power the whole world, without interruption? We are destroying our environment that is finite. In fact, there is the wind, the water and the sun that will give us the [...]

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Know What Solar System Is Best For You: Grid-Tied, Off-Grid, and Hybrid Solar Systems

The electricity bill is constantly increasing year after year. You need to get some alternative power source before you end up losing all the money because of exaggerated electricity bills. Solar power systems, wind turbine, hydropower systems, geothermal power systems are best examples of the natural source of energy. However, your resources are limited to [...]

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