At Powertec Solar our mission is to provide high quality solar panels and service to our clients at affordable prices.  Not every home or commercial building is a good fit for solar panels. We make sure to do a full feasibility analysis for all potential clients before moving forward with a job.  Not only does this help determine whether you will see a positive return on investment from a solar panel install, but it also helps identify what type of products you need. For example a roof that is fully exposed to sunlight for the whole day will likely produce more efficiently with a single line inverter, compared with more challenging lighting where solutions such as micro-inverters or power optimizers can be implemented. Before we sell you anything or get moving on any projects we will do a full analysis and explain your options and our recommendation with you in depth.

Powertec Solar is the solar energy division of Powertec Electric which is one of the most trusted electrical companies in Winnipeg. This means you can rest assured that your panels will be installed correctly by certified electricians with years of experience and insurance. When installed incorrectly, in addition to not producing optimal amounts of power, there are risks of damage to your household electrical systems, and potentially fire. Make sure a professional electrical company installs your solar panels so that your property and loved ones are safe.