As the electric automobile industry continues to grow, new technology is making it more practical to switch to renewable energy. Now that you can install an EV charging station in your home, electric vehicles are more convenient and accessible than ever.

Just as you charge your phone or smartwatch before a busy day, you also need to charge your car battery. With home EV chargers, the time it takes to charge the battery is drastically reduced.

Interested in setting up an EV charging station in your home? We can help. At Powertec Solar, we offer full-service installation for home electric vehicle chargers.

Why Do You Need an EV Charging Station?

EV charging stations are like gas stations for your car, but without the gas. And without the trip to the gas station. You can power your vehicle at home just by plugging it in, and it’ll be ready in a few hours. 

In the past, those with electric cars had to drive to charging stations to fill their batteries, or use a standard wall outlet that took all night. At Powertec Solar, we can install Level 2 charging stations in your home that cut charging times in half.

The Convenience of Home Charging

Have you started up your electric car, only to find that the battery is dead? You can’t drive to a charging station without electricity! If you plug it into a standard wall outlet, you’ll have to wait for hours until it’s charged. But with a Level 2 EV charging station, it will be ready to go in no time. 

We’re going to explain the differences between the three levels of EV charging stations:

What is a Level 1 Charging Station?

You can charge your electric vehicle using a standard 120v wall outlet, which is also known as a Level 1 charging station. However, electric cars might take 15+ hours to fully charge with a Level 1 charging station—you get 8 KM of driving range for each hour of charging. For this reason, it isn’t ideal, especially if you use your car frequently.

What is a Level 2 Charging Station?

This outlet will charge your vehicle much quicker than a Level 1 station, but it needs a dedicated 240v circuit to do so. Your vehicle’s battery will get 30 KM of driving range after 1 hour of charging, and most batteries are charged after ~3 hours. 

Don’t have a 240v outlet? We can install one for you.

What is a Level 3 Charging Station?

For the fastest charging times on the market, you might consider a Level 3 charging station, which provides 250 KM of driving range in just 30 minutes. But for that kind of speed, you’ll need an ample power supply. These chargers are typically used in public charging stations or commercial/industrial properties.

What Should You Expect from Your EV Charger Installation?

When you work with us, you can rely on our experienced technicians and top-quality customer service. Here’s what we offer with each installation:

  • We’ll upgrade your wall outlet to a 240v circuit that can power a Level 2 charging station.
  • With our licencing and training, we’ll ensure that your installation meets national/local codes and regulations.
  • Before we leave, we’ll certify that the equipment adheres to the manufacturer’s specifications and is fully operational.

We’re proud to help our customers in Canada make the switch to renewable energy. At Powertech Solar, we offer a full installation service for home EV charging stations.

We Can Install Your EV Charging Station in Winnipeg!

With an EV charging station, switching to electricity and ditching diesel is easier and more convenient than ever. 

Powertec Solar is a ChargePoint partner. This means that we can offer the ChargePoint commercial grade Level 2 and 3 chargers and Home Flex Level 2 chargers for a residential charging station. 

We are a Tesla-certified installer, so our technicians can install Tesla charging products as well as equipment like the PowerWall. If you own a Porsche, we’re a certified installer, and can set up chargers for their electric cars as well.

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Make Canada a greener place by switching to an electric vehicle today. Ready to install an EV charging station in Winnipeg? We can set you up with the equipment you need in your home or commercial property. 

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