Grid-Tie Systems

Homeowners across Canada are adding solar electric modules to their roofs in order to reduce their environmental footprint and save money on their utility bills.  Winnipeg gets on average 315 sunny days/year, and is the best place in Canada to implement solar energy solutions.  Many homes produce 20% – 50% of their annual power needs through rooftop solar systems.  This is a green alternative even to hydro-electric which (although cleaner than coal) is devastating to many ecosystems.  Solar electric prices have fallen significantly over the last five years, making this an economically viable solution for homeowners in Winnipeg.

It’s a simple process to put the sun’s energy to work on any building connected to the electrical utility grid with Powertec Solar’s Grid-Tie Systems.  We use high quality panels and inverters which all come with a 25 year warranty, and still manage to have the best solar panel install prices in the city.  We deliver reliable, and fully compatible rooftop solar solutions.

What You Can Expect from a Grid-Tie System

Winnipeg has a great solar climate, and Photo Voltaic systems will consistently produce 1000 – 1300 kWh annually for each kilowatt installed. The lifetime of these systems is in excess of 25 years, so you can produce reliable, quiet, clean electricity for decades.  South facing roofs can increase production even more.

What is Net Metering?

Manitoba Hydro allows you to connect a solar system in your home to the grid. If you don’t use all of the power you generate during the day then your meter turns backward and the excess electricity gets sold back to the grid.  At nighttime when you are not generating power the meter turns forward as you use electricity from the grid.  Net metering prevents the need for batteries and storage systems, and helps to support solar electricity as a conservation tool.

Powertec Solar Advantages

  • Top of the line, brand name, proven equipment
  • Backed by industry leading global manufacturers
  • Long-term warranties for power delivery