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The solar industry has a storied past and (we suspect) a storied future. That story begins with off-grid solar. Back before solar panels were seen as part of an eco-friendly future by the world’s superpowers, they were used by people who wanted to live independently, surviving and thriving using their own sweat and toil. Here at Powertec Solar, we honour that history by providing our customers with off-grid solar arrays perfectly suited to their needs.

Living on the Edge

When you live on civilization’s edge, you don’t have access to the same creature comforts and resources as people who live close to big cities. You’ve traded that in for the beauty of rugged wilderness and the power of independence. When power lines fall in your area, you might have to wait weeks before the power comes back on. You might not even have access to power lines.

We’ll supply you with solar panels that are built to last. We’ll create an array that will provide power for your needs. You might use our panels as your primary source of energy, or you might use them as a supplementary source. We’ll be here to help you calculate exactly how much energy you need from the panels, and how best to integrate them with your home’s existing electrical system.

...Or On The Go

Trailers and motorhomes are great for adventurers – you don’t necessarily want to stay at the spots with hookups. You might want to go down the unbeaten path to find your own slice of paradise. With solar panels, you can experience some of the greatest wonders in nature, seeing things that few other people have seen. The panels can be used to recharge your RV battery while you’re on the go, or to provide you with an alternate source of energy should your primary power source need a boost.

Green Energy, Wherever You Need It

Most energy consumption means fossil fuel use; even hydroelectric production affects rare minerals and can flood away biodiversity. You can reduce or eliminate your reliance on this kind of power by moving off-grid and switching to solar power. Those living in remote communities often have to rely on diesel or other fossil fuels in order to provide their power. These communities can pool funds in order to create a large array to substitute for much of the power being provided by fossil fuels.

No matter where you are, Powertec Solar is here to provide sustainable, renewable, off-the-grid power for you and your community. No matter how big or small your power needs are, there’s a solar array that will suit your needs. That’s one of the many benefits of solar power: the solutions are highly scalable and customizable. They can be used anywhere the sun shines. Get in touch with us, and we’ll create the perfect array for you.