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Solar Panels in Prince Albert

Saskatchewan’s solar initiatives and climate make it one of the greatest places in Canada to invest in solar panels.  It’s one of the most progressive provinces, offering a net metering program to solar adopters. This combined with relatively high electricity rates and the most days of sun in the country makes solar panels both an economically and environmentally viable option for residents and businesses alike!

How does net metering work for solar producers?

Net metering is a system in which excess power generated from the sun can be exchanged for credits which at a later date can be exchanged for power. An easy way to look at it is that instead of requiring batteries to store excess power the grid can be used as a storage system.

With a net metering system you can size your solar system to produce enough power over the course of the year to completely offset your power bill. This typically means producing more electricity than you use in summer and using these credits in winter. You can also see the benefit on a daily basis when you generate your power during the day when the sun is shining and use your credits at night.

Is there a Rebate Program?

Currently no. In the past SaskPower did a rebate program, but it came to an end in 2019.

Saskatchewan Electricity Rates

Saskatchewan has the 4th highest electricity prices of the 10 provinces. This means the value of producing your own energy is high which makes for shorter payback periods and better returns on investment! See the case study below for an illustration of how cost of electricity affects payback.

Climate for Solar

According to data collected by Natural Resources Canada a solar panel in Prince Albert will produce more electricity in a year than it would in any other province in Canada. While it varies throughout the province the average PV potential is 1,335 kWh/kW/Year.

Solar Incentives & Programs In Prince Albert


Federal Programs

  • Canada Greener Homes Federal Loan
  • The Canadian government has announced a new tax credit for investment in clean energy generation systems, including solar.  It will refund businesses up to 30% of their capital investment.
  • The repayment term is 10 years, interest-free.

For more information, visit the Canada Greener Homes Loan homepage.

Commercial Inititiatives

Federal Programs

  • Clean Energy Technology Tax Credit
  • The Canadian government has announced a new tax credit for investment in clean energy generation systems, including solar.  It will refund businesses up to 30% of their capital investment.


Net Metering Program

  • Since November 2019, the SaskPower net metering program has had no generation cap, end date, or specified contract length.  
  • The program allows for projects up to 100kW-DC generating capacity.
  • The SaskPower net metering program is available to all customers with eligible power generation systems, such as solar, including residential, farms, businesses, and other institutions.  

For more information or to apply for SaskPower’s net metering program, visit the SaskPower website.

Saskatoon Light & Power

If you live in Saskatoon, you may be eligible for one of three available programs:

  • Net Metering Program
    • Allows eligible customers to generate renewable electricity (up to 100 kW) and send excess back to the grid for future credit.  
  • Small Power Producers Program
    • Allows eligible customers to generate renewable electricity (up to 100 kW) and sell the excess to the SL&P power grid at a fixed rate.  
  • Behind-the-Meter Program
    • Allows eligible customers to generate renewable electricity above 100 kW for their own use only.

About us

Solar is an economic, environmental and sustainable solution for energy production in Canada. As professional solar installers our mission is to help people in the private sector to take energy production into their own hands.  We install all over Saskatchewan.

Sample Feasibility Analysis

Let’s look at a real live example of how the numbers work out.  Our solar company ran a solar feasibility analysis for a ground mount system in southern Saskatchewan. The system will be a 30kW system and by analyzing past weather patterns for the location we were able to very accurately estimate an annual production of 45,820kW/h of electricity (See monthly breakdown below).

Monthly production breakdown graph
Monthly Production Breakdown

The cost of this system will be approximately $90,000 and it is eligible to receive an $18,300 rebate from SaskPower for a total system cost of $71,700 before tax or $81,600 after PST and GST.

The current residential rate for electricity is $0.14228/kWh so in the first year the system will off-set the owner’s electricity bill by $6,519.27.

In a “worst case” scenario for solar feasibility SaskPower utility rates will not increase over the next 30 years.  In this worst case scenario and accounting for a .05% annual degradation of panels, this system will still pay itself off in less than 13 years. If the system lasts for 30 years its owner will be generating free power for the last 17 years of the system’s life expectancy.

“Worst Case” Solar ROI Projection

table with cumulative value energy produced

We calculated this based on the worst case scenario, but there are a lot of factors that can significantly improve the payback period and return on investment.

  • Farms and Businesses will get back the GST on the system.
  • Farms and Businesses can write off the entire cost of the system in year 1 effectively saving 26%
  • If/when electricity rates do increase your cost remains fixed.

Another way to look at this is that over 30 years we expect the system to produce 1,279,439kWh of electricity. If we divide the total cost by this (not factoring in potential tax savings) we get a price of $0.064/kWh. By installing solar today this customer will be locking in a 30 year rate for electricity at less than 45% of the 2019 SaskPower rate.

While this data comes from a real live feasibility study done near Prince Albert, every study we do yields different numbers. Certain factors affect production rates like shading, angle of panels and the historical weather patterns in your region. Other factors will affect install price like location of system and how it is mounted. As well, tax savings can have a major impact on the feasibility of a system.

If you’re entertaining the idea of getting solar panels request a free feasibility analysis and we’ll do all the research and crunch the numbers for you to help you make the right decision.

If you’re seriously interested you may need to act quickly.  SaskPower has put a 16MW cap on the rebate which could get reached at any time so make sure you get in on time and save 20% on the cost of the system. Get your free feasibility analysis here.

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