Solar for First Nations

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Harness the power of the sun! Solar panels have come a long way since they were invented; they’re less expensive and more efficient than they’ve ever been. No matter where you are in Canada, solar panels can help you generate clean energy to power your home and business. Solar helps you reduce your reliance on utilities, bringing you one step closer to energy independence. When you’re powered by solar and battery backup, you have an added level of security against blackouts and you help protect the environment.

Solar for the Territories

Generating power up north isn’t always easy. In the Northwest Territories, there’s some hydroelectric power, but many communities are still supplied by diesel generators. In Nunavut, communities are almost exclusively supplied by diesel generators.

This poses a serious threat to energy independence. The price of diesel can fluctuate wildly, and getting the diesel to the generators in the first place is cost intensive. Solar panels can offset a lot of the energy needs of your community. This allows utilities to rely less on diesel thus reducing costs for everyone. The environmental impacts from solar are magnified as less diesel means less chance for spills, less pollution, cleaner air and a brighter future.

NTPC and QEC both provide incentives for installing solar panels, from net metering (where you credit your excess power with utility) to financing options to help you bring your project to life.

Some people up north worry that solar power can’t help them in the wintertime. While it’s true that you won’t generate power when there’s no sun, the power you generate during the summer can help drastically offset costs in the winter. When the sun is out all day and night, and you’re outside more than in, you’ll have created a lot more power than you’d need, and can bank it with the utility company.

Northern Canada due to long summer days has annual solar production close to the rest of the country, making a solar system a viable investment.

Solar for Remote Reserves

Power outages are problematic wherever they happen. They’re especially tricky when you live in a remote area; it can be days or even weeks before the utility gets the power back up and running.

When you install solar panels and a battery backup, you’re helping create energy security – even when power lines are down, you’ll have a steady flow of electricity all day long. The more panels you get installed in your community, the more energy independence you’ll have.

Solar for the Environment

We can all see the devastation that the unchecked use of fossil fuels has caused on our planet. Floods, droughts, and wildfires are becoming all too common, and sources of drinking water have become contaminated beyond repair. Every step we take toward renewable energy is a step toward a brighter future for our children and for the planet.