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Business and innovation go hand in hand; if your business isn’t doing anything new or different, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Solar panels are an innovative way to improve any business, big or small. Solar panels can improve your bottom line, draw in new clients, and keep your business operational when everything around you is closed down.

Solar panels make for great marketing opportunities and are a very visible symbol of your investment in the future.

Solar for Your Bottom Line

There’s a lot to be said for vertical integration; when you control more of the resources needed to run your business, your profit margins improve. While vertical integration of a whole supply chain might be difficult for a small business owner, solar power provides you a cost-effective method of generating your own energy, reducing your reliance on big utilities.

The Government of Canada, along with other levels of government, are pushing hard toward the use of renewable energy. This push means that they’re incentivizing businesses to invest in green technology, including solar panels. For you, that means lower costs to purchase and install solar panels, along with the decrease in overhead that comes with solar energy.

Solar systems are eligible for first year 100% capital cost allowance (depreciation).

Modern business is all about carefully analyzing metrics – understanding how your money is being used, where inefficiencies lie, and how to improve them. With our solar monitoring systems, you’ll know exactly how much electricity you’re creating and how much money you’re generating, allowing you to make adjustments to power usage as needed.

Solar is an inherently scalar technology; your solar system can grow with your business. When you add on to the building you do business in, or your energy use increases in some other way, it’s easy to add new solar panels to your array to increase the amount of electricity you generate.

Solar for New Customers

Today’s customers do a lot of research. Marketing your low costs and innovative products is no longer sufficient; people want to know what you’re doing for your community and for the planet. When you install solar panels, customers can plainly see your commitment to environmental causes when they visit your business. What’s more, you can use your solar monitoring system to show your clients how much electricity you’ve generated with your solar array.

Solar panels are a great step toward environmental certifications like LEED. When you proudly display these certifications, you’ll attract customers who like to make green-based decisions.

Solar for Emergencies

When windstorms, snow, or other inclement weather take down power lines, it can deprive your business of days, or even weeks worth of profits. With a solar system with battery backup, you have built-in protection against power outages. Depending on what kind of business you operate, this can lead to a surge in profitability; you’ll attract new customers coming to your business because the other businesses in the area are shut down.

Solar for the Planet

There are a lot of practical and profitable reasons to convert to solar energy. Even without all of those reasons, going solar is still a great idea; the more energy we generate through renewable sources, the better equipped we are to combat climate change.