Solar for Agriculture

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Operating an agricultural business, you quickly come to understand that everything is a game of razor thin margins. Increases to the cost of energy, power outages, and problems with your utility can all lead to drastic decreases in profitability. Farms and other agricultural businesses are turning to solar panels to power their operations; solar panels solve all these problems. What’s more, large solar arrays can be installed on previously tilled farmland, providing ample energy.

Customized Solutions

No two agricultural businesses are exactly alike, so we customize our solar solutions to fit your needs. We’ll help you analyze how much energy your operation uses throughout the year and design an array that will accommodate your needs.

We can install solar panels almost anywhere on your land, tilting them so that they get the maximum amount of sunlight each day. We can vary the height of the arrays as well, allowing you to pass under them with certain machinery.

Cash Crop

Powering your business with solar can save you a lot of money – that much is clear. What’s more, some utilities will allow you to sell extra power you generate to them! That means you can treat your solar array as a cash crop; one that’s far less susceptible to changes in the global market.

The more room you have to grow, the more profitable your agricultural business can be. There are a variety of legumes you may be able to plant and harvest beneath your solar array, doubling the utility of the space the array takes up. You can also grow pollinator habitats below your array.

There are incentives across many branches of government to promote renewable energy. These programs can help subsidize your new solar array, reducing your overall costs while providing you with a profitable new way of using your land.

Solar systems are eligible for first year 100% capital cost allowance (depreciation).

Solar arrays are perfect on land where the soil has become a bit overused and needs to be refreshed. Use that soil for your array, and when the time is right, start planting legumes or other low-growing plants in that space. Solar panels don’t emit harsh chemicals, so your soil will be as good as new.

Solar Security

When power lines are downed by inclement weather, it can take a long time to get them repaired, especially in the rural areas where agricultural businesses are usually located. When you have solar energy and a battery backup powering your business, you’ll have built-in resistance to the interruptions caused by power outages. Your solar panels can even generate electricity on cloudy days.

Protect the Environment

Few people understand climate change in the same visceral way as those working in agriculture. Droughts and floods affect farmers’ livelihood in direct ways. Stand up to climate change with a solar array; every step toward a fully renewable power system is a step toward a brighter future.