Solar Panels for Home

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Homeownership is an incredible thing, but owning a home isn’t always easy. Budgeting as a homeowner can be challenging, especially with how rapidly the prices of utilities can increase. When you switch to solar, you’re creating your own energy, so any increase in the price of electricity, natural gas or coal, both volatile commodities, won’t affect you nearly as much when your home is powered by the sun. Solar panels will put power back in your hands.

Solar for Security

In the last decade, there were multiple occasions where wind and ice/snow storms left hundreds of thousands of Canadians without power. In rural areas, power outages can be a common occurrence, and it can be almost impossible to know when the power will come back on. In the city, mass power outages can disrupt whole economies. Solar panels combined with battery backup are an incredible security measure; they keep your home powered even when catastrophe strikes.

Solar for Savings

When you use solar power, you won’t be beholden to rapidly fluctuating energy prices in the way that your neighbors might be. Solar panels can generate enough power to fuel your home most of the year.

Some people wonder about the utility of solar panels during the winter. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels save you money all year round because of net metering. With net metering, you sell the excess energy you generate in the summer to your utility. They credit you for the amount you’ve sold them, and you can use those credits to lower your power bill in the wintertime.

Some home improvements may save money.  Solar is the only investment you make for your home that will “pay for itself” as the panels create electricity, which translates to money. What’s more, solar power is part of the solution regarding climate change.

Solar for Life

The climate crisis is real. From wildfires to hurricanes around the globe, the number of natural disasters we face seems to increase every year. Solar panels are one of the most environmentally friendly ways of producing energy. They’re renewable energy, because until the sun goes out, we can keep using them.

The future is on the line. The future of our planet, the future of our kids, the future of humanity. When you install solar panels, you’re not just making an investment in your pocketbook; you’re making an investment in life itself.

Choose solar panels. For your home, for your security, to create wealth, and to preserve life. You’ll be choosing a better future.

Home EV Charging Stations

EV charging stations are like gas stations for your car, but without the gas. And without the trip to the gas station. You can power your vehicle at home just by plugging it in, and it’ll be ready in a few hours. 

In the past, those with electric cars had to drive to charging stations to fill their batteries, or use a standard wall outlet that took all nightAt Powertec Solar, we can install Level 2 charging stations in your home that cut charging times in half.

Interested in setting up an EV charging station in your home? We can help. At Powertec Solar, we offer full-service installation for home electric vehicle chargers.