4 Ways to Get Affordable Solar Power for Your Home

Harnessing the power of the sun isn’t free nor cheap to begin with. A standard solar power installation can easily cost you a thousand dollars. However, that is if you don’t have a few money-saving tricks up your sleeve. In this article, you will learn tricks and tips on getting affordable panels for your home while still ensuring the quality and efficiency.

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Look for Companies That Will Help You Cut Solar Power Cost

Solar-energy companies know that one of the reasons many homeowners are still not hopping on the solar bandwagon is because of the price tag. To create a win-win situation for everybody, many solar-energy companies are now offering money-saving options for those who want a solar panel installation.

Powertec solar, for example, offers a 15-year financing option for eligible customers through Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart program. This is ideal if you can’t afford the solar power cost all in one payment. You can also get up to a $10,000 rebate on panels that we will install for you. Companies like us at Powertec solar are committed to helping customers save on solar power cost while trying to save the environment too.

Government Surplus Panels

You can also take advantage of government surplus solar-energy panels. They usually make available to businesses and the general public through offline or online auctions. To stay updated on auctions for government surplus solar-energy panels, regularly visit a local auction site that is affiliated with the government. However, before participating, make sure that you are qualified to take part. Some government auctions are only available to a few select individuals or corporations.

Used Solar Panels: Yes or Nay?

Used solar panels are much riskier to purchase than surplus panels because there is a higher chance of them not working properly. To stay on the safe side while lowering solar power cost, make sure only to buy panels that you can test first. It’s best to check the panels using a multi-meter while they are exposed to full sunlight. This will tell you how much energy the panels are producing.

You also need to carefully consider the damage of the used solar panels if any. Panels with malfunctioning cell connections are easy to repair. Keep your eye out for more severe damage that is usually beyond repair.

The Real Deal with Free Solar-Energy Panels

Affordable Solar Power for Your HomeIn your hunt for affordable solar panels, you may have come across advertisements of free panels that promise almost zero solar power cost.

What you need to know about these is that they are actually leases or power-purchase agreements (PPAs). PPAs will require little to no down payment, making it perfect if you don’t have the cash right now.

However, you need to know that the PPA company receives any tax credits or financial incentives that come with the system. This is because you essentially don’t own it. They’re just letting you borrow or lease it for a while. On the upside, the company will be responsible for all maintenance and repair costs. Before you enter any PPAs, make sure to read and thoroughly understand the contract.

Quick Recap: Ways of Getting Affordable Solar-energy Panels

When trying to get affordable solar panels, check if there are government surplus solar panels that are being auctioned in your state. You can also consider used solar panels, but test them thoroughly before purchase. You can also get a solar power PPA but just make sure that you’re aware of all the terms and conditions.

By far the best option if you want affordable solar panels is to sign up for a financing plan with a reputable solar power company. This will give you peace of mind that you’re getting high-quality solar panels minus the hefty upfront price.