Canadian Company Delighted to Announce The Successful Rollout of An Innovative Project To Benefit A First Nations Community

WINNIPEG, Canada – Powertec Solar Inc., an innovative and forward-thinking solar company based in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to announce the successful completion of their latest project designed to help a first nations community with their energy needs and requirements. 


Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek – (Gull Bay First Nation ) is located in the Thunder Bay District in northwestern Ontario, Canada. It is approximately 175 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, on Highway 527 on the western shore of Lake Nipigon. Due to its remote location, the community obtains its electrical power from diesel generators. The community is committed to being a leader in clean technologies for future generations and already has its first electric vehicle. However, they were fully aware of the irony that charging an electric car using diesel-generated power presented, which is why they approached Powertec Solar for a more environmentally friendly solution. 


Powertec Solar designed and installed a system specifically matched to the power needs and requirements of the Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek community. The system generates sufficient energy, with the added benefit that Powertec Solar can remotely monitor site production, charging conditions, and battery levels to ensure optimum system functionality. 


“This was both an exciting and slightly daunting project for Powertec Solar due to the remoteness of the installation,” said Jacob Kettner, a spokesperson for Powertec Solar. “However it is also the perfect use case study for solar power, which is why we were so enthused about getting involved. The entire operation and installation went smoothly, and so far, it is proving to be mutually beneficial for both Powertec Solar Inc. and the local community. This is, in our opinion, the future of the energy market, and Powertec Solar is delighted to be at the forefront of this burgeoning industry.” 


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