What Are The Uses of Solar Panels

Interesting Fact of the Day: The sun gives out power in one hour enough to provide energy to the whole planet for one year. So the power is there for us to use, it’s time to take advantage of this. If you live in an area where there is sunlight more than half the year, then this is a great opportunity for you to not only save money, but also to potentially even earn back money from some of the electrical expenses that you spent. How? Read on.

You can’t imagine the potential of solar power

Solar Panels

A solar panel is usually an assembly or a series of solar cells (generally a solar cell is 6 by 10 inch in size). the technical term for this is photovoltaic (PV) module. And this system absorbs the sunlight (solar energy) and converts it into solar electricity which is then what we use for homes and commercial power consumption. A lot of power companies now supply and offer installation for PV systems even in residential homes.


Solar panels used to have the reputation that they are just for show and are only used by the most hardcore environmentalists. Well, you’re not wrong. Because just a few years ago, solar panels were expensive, very difficult to install, even more difficult to maintain, and you basically didn’t know how they worked and there were no companies in that industry.



Here’s where it gets practical. If you live in Winnipeg, or somewhere near the city, you get 300-320 days a year of sun. You can’t imagine the potential of solar power with this kind of natural sunlight provision. Once you install these PV systems for your solar panels which then provides electricity for your homes, the electric bill starts slowing down, and in some cases even stops moving.


Another great thing if you switch to solar power is that a lot of power companies now also offer rebates for every solar panel that you install using their equipment and using their services. So you earn money up front. But that’s not all. Many big power companies, and even government power suppliers, offer Net Metering. This basically means that if you store enough solar power (through your PV system) and then don’t use it because maybe you were on vacation, the power goes back to the main grid and, get this, reverses your power meter according the solar power you supplied to the grid.


Great Investment

Now, how’s that for investment? Solar panels are more efficient the fossil fuels nowadays—and this includes gas. Purchasing solar panels or having a whole solar PV system installed on your roof or in your commercial building is becoming cheaper by the day. The longevity is unquestionable and the system itself is very low maintenance (if you don’t have time, lots of companies offer maintenance services, too).


One more thing, if you’re wondering what happens to the solar panels after they’ve consumed their 25 years of service, governments and international suppliers are now working on recyclable and reusable solar panels and PV systems, so you don’t have to worry about what to do with them then.

 having solar panels in your home or commercial building

Research Options

I hope you realise now that having solar panels in your home or commercial building is not just for aesthetics, it really is practical and, potentially, a  money-earning potential for you. Like I said, these solar panels not only help you save money by utilising solar power, solar panels are actually becoming more and more practical these days. So why delay? Go on the internet and look for the most reliable and high quality company that offers solar panel supplies and installation in your area or you may visit Powertec Solar and see what they can offer. You won’t regret it.