Canadian Solar Power Specialist Company Preparing For Explosive Growth In Demand Due To New Nunavut Solar Rebate Program

Nunavut, Canada – Powertec Solar, one of the leading solar power installation companies in Canada, is preparing for what it anticipates will likely be one of the busiest periods in the history of the company. The reason behind their optimism is a recent announcement by the Nunavut government of a new rebate program and CIPP program. 

The recently announced Commercial and Institutional Power Producers (CIPP) program is intended to speed up the adoption of solar power across the territory. At the same time, the residential rebate program will also encourage potential customers to install solar power products thanks to financial rebates, thereby reducing the cost of any installation. 

“Solar Power is destined for significant growth in Nunavut in the future as homeowners and businesses look for ways to reduce the cost of their energy usage and attempt to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Daniel Lacovetsky of Powertec Solar. “The government is fully aware of the benefits of solar power and is committed to devising incentives to encourage the switch to renewable energy sources. As the premier installer of solar power systems in Nunavut, we are very excited about what the future has to hold, both for the Territory and our company. We anticipate a huge growth for our company in the next decade and are working hard to plan for the increased demand.”

Powertec Solar is a locally owned and operated company Servicing Nunavut, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Its mission is to provide high-quality solar panels and service to its clients at affordable prices. Not every home or commercial building is a good fit for solar panels, so they assist with a full feasibility analysis for all potential clients before moving forward with a job. Not only does this help determine whether their clients will see a positive return on investment from a solar panel install, but it also helps identify what type of products are required. For more information about the company, its products, and the services they provide, visit their website at