Solar Energy Program in Manitoba Makes Waves Amongst Residents

Considered to be a great initiative in Manitoba in order to stabilize electricity costs for the region’s residents, the solar energy program in Manitoba intends to convert the area into a place where most households will utilize renewable energy particularly solar power as their main source of electricity.

A “solar Manitoba” is the ultimate goal of the solar energy program in Manitoba.

the solar energy program in manitoba

What Is the Solar Energy Program in Manitoba?

Basically, the solar energy program in Manitoba is an incentive program designed, created and encouraged amongst Manitoba electricity consumers. This is for those who wish to have solar-powered electricity systems installed for their residences to provide for all their power needs through solar energy.

What Is Included in the Incentive Solar Energy Program?

If you subscribe to this solar power incentive program, you will be paid an incentive rebate by the end of the solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation project. Of course, this is after it passes the standard inspection for safety and efficiency.

The computation of your incentive will be identified and determined by the average annual power consumption in kWh in your area of Manitoba. They will also take into account the amount of solar PV which is required to balance your annual power bill. There are also government tax incentives which you can benefit from.

It should be mentioned that the incentive solar program is not exclusive to private homeowners and residences but it is also open to commercial and industrial establishments.

You may request for the computation of the average annual power consumption in kWh in your area of Manitoba.

How Can You Partake in this Incentive Program in Manitoba?

You will need to complete all necessary application forms and go through the detailed yet fairly simple application process. You will then await the approval as an official go signal to proceed with the installation.

It is very important to note that only certified solar PV system installers or electrical contractors such as Powertec Solar must install your residential solar PV system.

solar panel system installation in manitoba household

Residential Loan for Solar PV System Installation

Are you on a budget and have some financial constraints in getting a solar PV system installed in your home?

It is still very much possible for you to take part the program. That is through a residential loan.

You can ask for help from officially recognized solar PV system installers or electrical contractors for the assessment, evaluation and measurement of your future solar PV system which will be fitting for your budget and space requirements.

They will be talking with you about your options in terms of efficiency of different solar panels. They will also provide you with quotes and expected periods of payback.

Ultimately, your electrical contractors will be able to best advise you on which solar system is right for your household needs.

Since the program has been opened and been accepting applications, hundreds and hundreds of residents have been documented and recorded to have filed for application.

Perhaps it is time that you should too. Call only the leader in solar system installation in Manitoba, Powertec Solar should you decide to finally get your own solar PV system installed for your household.