A Solar-Powered Future

We as a society are beginning to confront the epic challenges presented by global warming. The number of droughts and wildfires has increased, and we are seeing the consequences of excessive fossil fuel burning; it’s not all doom and gloom, however. Solar power, once a heavily subsidized, not-so profitable industry, is taking over. Solar is the fastest-growing energy source right now, because the technology has made it even cheaper than fuel in some sectors – and that’s without subsidies.

Government implemented policies throughout China and Europe have encouraged the development of solar technology; as these governments put tighter controls on fossil fuel burning, companies were incentivized to invest in renewables, which makes the technology cheaper. California recently passed legislation requiring all new homes to have solar panels installed; they plan on getting 50% of their energy from renewables by 2030.

Solar panels drastically reduce the cost of your electrical bill; in fact, you’ll often be sending the utility more electricity than you use. There’s the story of Heather Bishop here in Manitoba; she got solar panels installed and told CBC that her hydro bill in January 2017 was $1.83. The amount she paid was purely tax; as she put it, if Manitoba Hydro had to pay her taxes, she would have needed to send them a bill!

The cost of a photovoltaic cell, the key component to solar panels, was $76 in 1977; those same cells cost $0.36 today, and are more efficient. The costs of installation have also fallen, as electricians have become more proficient with solar technology. This means that solar is rapidly becoming less expense than traditional fossil fuels; it’s not just good for the environmentally conscious, it’s good for everyone, which is the change solar needed to really go big.

Solar panels may exist in large solar farms, but they can also rest atop your home. This is important for a number of reasons; the first is that it decentralizes the grid. This means that if there’s an outage near you, your solar powered home can still operate; it also means the grid has less vulnerabilities. The more people that have solar panels, the less dependant everyone is on particular fault points.

Panels are also very easy to maintain; you just need to clean off dirt and debris a few times each year. This is because solar panels have no moving parts. The wintertime causes some concern for folks in Winnipeg, but don’t worry! Most snow will simply fall off of your solar panel, because we design the installation with winter woes in mind.

Solar technology can save you money, it helps the environment, and it’s a booming renewable technology. Solar reduces your reliance on electric utilities, providing you with the sustainable power of the sun; the panels also look really cool. For high-quality solar panels and installation services, look no further than PowerTec Solar.