Will Solar Panels Work During A Power Outage?


Is there ever a convenient time to lose power?

If you’re in the middle of your workday, it interrupts your workflow. If you’re relaxing at home, then you’re stuck sitting in the dark. And if you’re trying to sleep, your HVAC system will shut down—suddenly, it will be too hot or cold to get some rest.

But what if you could never lose power? If you have a solar system, you may wonder if you’ll still lose power when the grid goes down. The short answer is: it depends

Some solar systems will lose power, while others will remain fully functional. It will depend on the type of solar system that you have. Let’s dive in:


Grid-Tied Systems

The majority of solar systems are tied to the grid. Why? Grid-tied solar systems allow you to:

  • Sell excess solar energy to your local utility company in exchange for credits
  • Draw power from the grid when you run out of solar energy 

But there’s one downside to grid-tied systems: you’ll lose power during outages, even if the sun is shining.

To repair damaged utility lines, the power company will send technicians to work on them. That means any electrical system must be shut down; otherwise, it puts the safety of these workers at risk. 

The lines need to be dead during any repair work. And if your solar panels are still generating energy and sending it to the grid, those workers could be injured. Even if your solar system has ample energy to draw from, it will be deactivated during outages to protect utility workers. 

If you have a grid-tied system, you’ll lose power during outages. Luckily, there’s a workaround for it, which we’ll get into later.


Off-Grid Systems

You’ve attained total independence from the grid. It’s a great feeling, and it comes with another benefit: you won’t be affected by power outages. 

Since your solar system isn’t connected to the grid, there’s no need to shut down your panels during any outages. Your solar system has no way to send electricity to the grid, so you’re in the clear. 

However, off-grid systems aren’t feasible for many home and business owners. They often require power from the grid to supplement their high energy demands. Is there a way to connect to the grid and protect yourself from power outages?


Battery Backup System 

With a battery system, you can connect your solar array to the grid and still have power during outages. How?

A battery system stores the excess solar power that your panels generate during the day. When the grid goes down, you can switch to using the battery instead.

Use a battery system to store surplus solar energy. It’s a significant investment, but the peace of mind it provides is hard to put a price on. You can trust that, no matter the weather, you’ll have a backup source of solar energy.


Power outages are more than an inconvenience. In the dead of winter, your home can become dangerously cold within an hour. This may put your family or pets at risk, and burst your plumbing pipes. Keep your household safe by installing a battery backup system.

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