How Winnipeg History Shaped The City That It Is, Today

One of the first settlements in North America was established in the central part of Canada. The convenience of such a location serves as a “gateway” to various areas in North America, and one city in particular, has been associated with the moniker “The Forks”, because of the network of rivers that surround the area. The City of Winnipeg of Manitoba is surrounded by the forks, which consists of two rivers:  Assiniboine River and the Red River. Winnipeg history has been focused in this area, given that in the timeline of the past, the river systems were the main transit points for Aboriginal and Native transit and settlement.

Early Winnipeg History

Winnipeg has a very rich heritage given that the city was initially occupied by Aboriginal people, who extensively used the river network to travel from one point to another, to hunt, and to build houses.  In fact, ancient Winnipeg history also implies that prior to the European settlement, the natives were engaged with their own civilization, widely communicating and trading (for fur) with others, based on historical records where they settled in the area for at least a thousand years, prior to European settlement. Upon the arrival of the explorers, the start of modern Canadian civilization was then initiated.

The History of Winnipeg

Winnipeg History of The Railway

Shortly after the arrival of the Europeans, several advancements were integrated into the new Winnipeg settlement, which is still remnant with the Winnipeg of today. Upon the arrival of the French, they established a fort located at a key point, which was, at that time, considered convenient for trading and as a depot. Several other forts followed, all of which were located at key entry points, according to the provincial maps of cities, which were at that time, crucial for immigration, export, and import regulation.

However, some of them were abandoned shortly upon establishment. This then facilitated the steamboat entry for immigrants in the year 1877, which was shortly followed by the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway system in 1881, which enabled travel across many parts of Canada, and is also in operation up to the present day. The railway boom facilitated the generation of more jobs at this point in Winnipeg history.

Other Facts About Winnipeg

The railway boom then marked its place in history, in Winnipeg, as this promoted the industrial era of the city. The long history of Winnipeg then placed its mark in the province of Manitoba, given that historical accounts were immortalized in photos. In addition, the popularity of sports, such as hockey, followed –  given that Manitoba weather is mostly cool throughout the year.

These are only some of the interesting facts about Winnipeg, Manitoba. These facts have shaped and transitioned Winnipeg then and now. Since the city’s history is laden with culture, heritage and modernization, the mark of its industrialization have emphasized the city’s need for using renewable energy sources.
Winnipeg at Night and The History of this Great City
Based on historical accounts, Winnipeg has long been established as one of the windiest places of Manitoba. With the city’s weather, Winnipeg was able to innovate several sources of renewable energy, such as Winnipeg solar panels, which are still used today. Winnipeg climate has made it suitable to store energy through solar panels, especially during the summer solstice.

This has then enabled a more efficient system to keep many dwellings insulated during the cold season, especially in a hotel, where these insulation systems are extensively used. Currently, Winnipeg is making its mark on the tourism industry’s history, given that hotels give tourists a place to stay, especially when it is late in winter.

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