2018 – Year of the Solar Tech

Man has always harnessed the power of the sun. Probably the most popular way we know the sun was used is the sundial, for time-keeping during the day. Another usage was that Egyptians designed their houses in a manner so that the heat from the sun during the day was stored inside the house for the cold night ahead.

One more extra interesting information I read is that ancient civilizations, particularly Indians and Greeks used heliotherapy, which is basically using sunlight to heal and mend physical illness. Ahead of their time, and even ours.

2018 - Year of the Solar Tech

The Sun

Here’s a stat for you geeks — the volume of power that the sun emits every HOUR is, get this, more than the whole planet exhausts in a WHOLE YEAR!
Actual numbers, you say:

SUN (1 hour) = 430 quintillion joules (type 430 and then put 18 zeroes after that)
EARTH (1 year) = 410 quintillion joules
How’s that for power? Maybe that’s why Superman gets his power from this great ball of fire (actually mainly hydrogen and helium, but whatever, right?).

Solar power is the future of energy. It is only practical and undoubtedly wise for the planet to utilize this free and perfectly clean, renewable energy. Although there are leftists saying that solar panel technology is NOT harmless, the power is undeniable.

Solar Panels

There have been myriads of ways that mankind has tried to use solar power, but the undisputed champion is using solar panel technology. Growing up, I always thought that solar panels were some kind of alien tech just waiting for us to know how to use them.

Well, technically, the power of the sun is alien because it’s not from earth.

Joking aside, solar panels have always been marginalized not just because of the “hideous” look that they give your roof, but they also don’t store enough energy to power your television enough to watch one episode of Game of Thrones (who has a character, coincidentally, that worships the Lord of Light).

Not anymore!

  • Let me get technical for a minute. There are mainly two types of solar power technology — photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP):
  • PV – catches the sunlight and converts it into renewable energy to create electric power (i.e. GoT episode)
  • CSP – absorbs the heat of the sun and converts it to thermal energy (i.e. heaters and airconditioners)

Alien Tech

Remember when I said, “alien tech”? Well, in 2018, it’s not so alien anymore. If you watched all those James Bond movies (Sean Connery is still my best Bond), we’re getting there.
Say goodbye to those ugly solar panel roofs. A company in Boston has come up with “solar skin.” Yup, solar panel that looks like a roof.

It is also now possible to “wear” solar panels to power our smartphones, smartwatches, smart everything. Now I have to research this more because the potential here is amazing.

Solar water purifiers? What???

Solar Power Technology is the Future

Practical And Affordable

Now, solar panel technology can power up your home like never before. Plus most electrical companies today have this thing called Net-Metering where they basically “pay” you for using solar energy. Hocus-pocus, you say. Nope, there really is such a thing.

So why wait? Solar panel technology is the future of energy — free, renewable, and getting cheaper by the day.
And that future is right now!