The Benefits of Installing Off-Grid System

Why Hire Professionals to Install Your Home Off-Grid System

When you finally decide on going solar with the power supply in your Winnipeg home, particularly if you prefer the off-grid system, it can always be tempting to perform DIY installation, as is the case with any other home improvements or modifications.

The commonplace reason for the idea to perform the installation on your own is that it may seem like the DIY off-grid system installation is less costly. However, the case may be exactly the other way around.

Home Off-Grid System Installation Is Not An Easy Feat

solar panels and off-grid sysyemThe residential solar-power system is sized, sited, installed and maintained in the proper and correct manner. There is practically no room for error or faults in its installation so that its energy performance is at its optimum level and for your household’s safety as well.

It is very important to note and understand that homeowner standalone system installation is not for everyone. This is because there are so many variables to consider during a standalone solar-powered systems installation. Therefore, you may just as well leave your residential photovoltaic system setup to the licensed solar professionals like our Winnipeg experts at Powertec Solar, where you can get a free solar quote easily.

Why Leave Your Off-Grid System Installation to the Pros?

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire the services of licensed solar professionals if you want a home off-grid system installation and why it will be more time and cost-efficient. Read on and find yourself convinced that you will do yourself a huge favor if you opt to hire experts and save yourself from DIY standalone system installation troubles and risks.

Size and Placement of Solar Panels Require Expert Skills Which Only Pros Have.

Sizing and siting of solar panels which will fit your roof perfectly are crucial so as to enable you to obtain the optimal amount of power and your intended cost-efficiency in power usage. Incorrect placement of solar panels can give you the opposite outcome and results, which can cost you even more than you intended to save in the long run.

The insured professional solar panel installers of Powertec Solar know exactly how to plan and execute all these initial steps right up to the actual correct positioning of panels, so that you as a homeowner can make the most out of your off-grid system investment.

They can best assess and judge the conditions of your roofing and the precise tilting of the panels. They will base their evaluations on the typical day-to-day Winnipeg climate and other needs unique to the composition of your home, especially of your roof.

If from the commencement of the installation process you already fall short in some things for good assessment, you will end up risking the entire home off-grid system installation. You may just find yourself spending more after some time on major repairs, if not a complete redo of the installation process from the beginning.

So for your own peace of mind, subscribe to the services of Powertec Solar to get your home standalone system mounted on your roof.

There Are Hazards Involved in a Home Off-Grid System Installation

Residential solar-powered system setup is very technical and thus complex.

High-voltage wiring is involved. Solar power strings incorrectly handled can instantly heave in power while wiring improperly cut can result in short-circuiting. Therefore, if these are not handled correctly, the inverter can easily blow up and may lead to rapid spreading of a fire in your home. In addition, there is also a high risk of electrocution.

Certifications and Permits are Required Which Only Pros Easily Have.

solar panel permitYou have to meet the necessary regulations implemented by law so that you can install a home off-grid system.

The licensed Powertec Solar installers strictly comply and adhere to the Winnipeg building and safety standards, as well as those of the national state. They definitely meet the electrical codes and have access to professional approval by the Winnipeg city planning agencies. You are also guaranteed with insurance throughout the installation process.

Ultimately, it is recommended that you work with professional solar installers. After all, they are called professionals for a reason and very good ones at that. They have all the technical knowledge so as to easily navigate through solar system installation. They also have the necessary legal requirements to perform the job.