How suitable is solar power for my home?

Solar Power for My HouseSwitching to solar power seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? Harnessing the abundant energy of the sun must have numerous benefits. It can significantly cut your energy bills, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contribute immensely to environmental protection.

Nonetheless, before you switch your home to solar power there are few things you need to put into consideration. You need to ask whether solar power is suitable for your home.

Is solar economically worth it?

There is a substantial upfront investment with solar. Before you decide to go solar you need to carry out a feasibility analysis to determine whether the installation will generate a sufficient return on investment over the lifetime of the system. The expected savings will help you determine the real cost of solar.

Shade-free Roof

If your roof is under a shade even partially a significant part of the day the efficiency of the solar panels will be reduced. To get the most out of solar panel installation ensure your roof is shade free particularly during peak sunlight hours. Trim any trees that obstruct direct sunlight from reaching the panels.

Maximum sunlight exposure

The orientation of the solar panels in capturing the maximum amount of sunlight will determine their efficiency. The solar experts recommend the south facing direction as the optimum orientation for solar panels. Nonetheless, an expert installer will determine the best orientation depending on your location. This will ensure the solar power system generates enough energy savings to pay for itself.

Switching to solar

If you choose to go solar you need to take into account your present energy usage and ways to minimize it. With the help of a reputable solar installer, you can conserve energy and make significant savings from your solar installation over the years. A professional installer will also help take advantage of the available cost cutting rebates and incentives as well as obtain requisite permits.

Before the work of installing the solar power system begins, you should evaluate your energy needs through a comprehensive energy audit. This will determine whether your home is suitable for solar, the cost as well as the expected savings. Find a reputable solar installer who will help you enjoy the maximum benefits of solar power and a return on your investment.