The Types of Winnipeg Garden Solar Lights and How They Work

Winnipeg garden solar lights are outdoor lighting that works by being powered by a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The PV effect is a method wherein energies through solar cells are generated from the natural source which is sunlight.

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How Solar Energies Through Solar Cells Power the Winnipeg Garden Solar Lights

A solar cell enables the conversion of sunlight into direct current or electrical power.

The solar cell is composed of several layers which are: the back of the cell and the front of the cell. The space in between these two layers is another independent part and a very useful and functional layer on its own.

The back of the solar cell, for the most part, is made up of crystalline silicon and another chemical which generates positively charged spaces.

On the other hand, the front of the solar cell is made up of a chemical which then generates the negatively charged electrons.

As the sunlight goes into through the front layer of the solar cell, the natural light generates and triggers the negatively charged electrons which then passes through the back layer of the solar cell into the positively charged spaces in between the two solar cell layers.

These positively charged spaces, in turn, transmit the solar power through the wirings rooted in the solar cell.

This is basically how the solar PV system works. There is the transfer of sunlight into energies, then there is the storage in a battery which then sends the energies into the Winnipeg garden solar lights that add value to the look, feel and appearance of your home’s yards, lawn, and gardens.

How Solar PV Panels for Winnipeg Garden Solar Lights Differ from Solar Panels Used to Power Your Entire Household

While your usual idea of solar panels may be these huge panels atop your roof, which provide electrical power to the entire household, Winnipeg garden solar lights make use of much smaller solar PV panels, which you will see on top of the lights themselves.

These panels draw in the sunlight and then charges and stores the solar energies in the battery underneath the small solar PV panels of the garden lights.

They charge throughout the day, while the sun is out, and then light your yards or garden paths when nighttime arrives.

The Winnipeg Garden Solar Lights for You to Choose From

Solar Garden Accent Lights

Solar garden accent lights are usually small garden lights which are designed to highlight a certain place, an area, or a feature and a specific object, say, a figurine or sculpture, in your garden or lawn.

Owing to the low output of the solar garden accent lights, they usually have longer runtimes, compared with the rest of the other Winnipeg garden solar lights. Solar garden accent lights can even operate for many nights after only one day of charging.

A nice feature of the solar garden accent lights is they flicker or flash and glimmer, to mimic a candle light, which provides for a very pleasant visual aspect to view in your Winnipeg home’s garden.

Winnipeg garden solar lights

Garden Solar Path Lights

Garden solar path lights are more heavy-duty than the solar garden accent lights in that, based on the name itself, they light an entire walkway, pathway or driveway, which surround your homes parameters and landscape of your lawn. At times, garden solar path lights are used to light a patio or a short and low stairway.

Garden solar path lights can be switched off. This is a feature which allows you to store solar energies for later consumption, say, for a special celebration outside your home, so you can ensure its runtime will last the duration of your special event.

Of course, you can choose to combine both types of garden lights in your home.

By far, there have been an increasing number of Winnipeg households which utilize solar energies to provide them with electricity. This is fully supported by the Manitoban government as part of its initiative to convert into and create a truly solar Manitoba. Solar rebates in Winnipeg also help drive the active participation of citizens into the solar power movement. The world is better today with the rise of renewable green energy.